Why Your “Internet Clothes” Don’t Fit

Why Your “Internet Clothes” Don’t Fit

Prom season’s just around the corner; and if it’s anything like last year, I’ll be busy!

I have the Internet to thank for that. In fact, the Web has brought a lot of business to me for proms, graduations and weddings. Here’s what’s happening.

Buying garments online

When you buy clothes online, you need to keep in mind that you’re not always getting a custom fit. For example, let’s say you are purchasing a dress. The order form will ask for the three main measurements: bust, waist and hips. There may be some other measurements listed, but those three are the most important.

The first problem is that many people don’t know how to take these measurements correctly. There is a precise location on the body that each of these should be measured. Additionally, if the cup size is required, please be truthful! It can make a significant difference.

However, here is the biggest problem. These dresses are often pre-made in standard sizes. So when you order them, the vendor will take the largest measurement and send a dress to fit that primary measurement.

The rest of the garment may hang loosely or be too tight!

The same situation can also happen with men’s clothing. Last year, a young man showed up with umpire pants he had ordered online. The waist and overall fit were fine…but the legs were 12 inches too long.

If the clothes don’t fit, fix them!

Clothes bought online often need alterations. Don't panic...it can be done!

Clothes bought online often need alterations. Don’t panic…it can be done in time for your special event!

Certainly, you can save money by buying online. In some cases, it can be substantial. But many times the clothes don’t fit just right. I’ve had brides and bridesmaids come to me in a panic, hoping something can be done! And moms call me because their graduating daughter has a dress that looks terrible on her.

Well, in the majority of cases, the garment can be altered to fit like it should.

When you’re getting ready for that big event, make sure to order the clothes well in advance. Give yourself enough time to get them fitted properly before it’s time to wear them.

There are times when extra fabric or other additions must be made. A seamstress can help you with this and make suggestions on how to alter the dress to fit and still keep the look and feel of the garment.

Don’t forget this important detail

While getting your dresses far enough in advance to get them fitted, remember this. As that special occasion approaches, you may experience weight fluctuations. As a service to my clients, I offer an additional fitting closer to the event, free of charge. That way we can make any last-minute adjustments to keep the bride or graduate looking her absolute best for her admirers.

Have Sew great a day,

Mary Maurer – Seamstress
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  1. I was just chatting with my DIL this evening about buying custom made clothing online. I used to make custom clothes for ladies back before there was an Internet and wondered how a seamstress could possibly get the fit right without havining the client available for measurement. You answered my question…she can’t, unless her client has the perfect body that fits the pattern measurements exactly. And even then, There’s some fitting needed. Your advice to leave plenty of time to allow for alterations and to accept that they will probably be need is spot on.

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