Happy Clients

Mary has many pleased clients from all over Northwest Arkansas. Here are what they have to say about her.

I always need those new jeans adjusted in the leg. Mary makes it look good, better than the factory. If you need to be dressy, she does that too. L.H. Moore — Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mary made my tee-shirt quilt and I was absolutely amazed! It was far better than I ever expected. I’d taken the tee shirts to several other quilters and they couldn’t do anything with them. Mary helped me choose the fabrics and kept me informed of progress. I’d recommend her work to anyone that needs some sewing done. Kevin King — Fayetteville, Arkansas

 Mary does beautiful work! 

I have worked with Mary for years, partnering with her for craft shows as well as in large orders for garments. I have always been impressed by Mary’s attention to detail. Her commitment to her craft shows through on every item — from her beautiful quilts to her fun dog vests! 

 But Mary also has something hard to find these days among seamstresses — the ability to listen to her customers and produce a product that is exactly what they desire.  When working on custom pieces, Mary truly cares about the finished product and communicates with her customers from start to finished product to get the best possible outcome. 

 I STILL give Mary’s name out whenever I get the opportunity!  Marla Sheely — Fayetteville, Arkansas

You can see Marla’s website at: www.marvalas.etsy.com

We had an old-fashion dress up day at my church. I had the outfit but something was missing, I wanted an old bonnet.  I went to every flea market around and there was not one to be found.

Thanks to Mary, I got my wish. She made me the old-timey bonnet and it was truly amazing. And everyone loved it! Twila Corter – Springdale, Arkansas


Thank you, Mary!