Dog Vests

I started making these dog  vests for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. They use them in their Adopt-a-Pet program. I started to get orders from other area shelters soon after.

Now I make them as special orders for clients and as craft fair items. The most popular fabric for a doggie vest is polar fleece. This keeps your pet warm in the winter cold. I’ve also used light canvas material for the vests.

If you special order a vest for your dog, I would like to measure the animal to get an exact fit. Bring your pet by my sewing room and we’ll make a vest that Doggie will love!

Dog vests for your best friend!Sugar Baby’s Dog Vests

Here’s a photo of our own doggie, Sugar Baby, wearing her leopard print vest. She has several vests, but this seems to be her favorite.

The vest is made from polar fleece and it keeps Sugar warm when she goes out in the winter. She loves her vests and will often whine around until Steve or I put one on her. A lot of times she will wear a vest around the house as well.

These are the vests that started it all. Richard from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter’s Adopt-a-Pet program came to me and asked if I could make dog vests.

They wanted to use them during their adoption events. The vests are made of a light canvas and have a removable “saddle bag” strap. Adoption information and other documents are kept in the pouches that are made of a clear vinyl.

Many people leave donations in the pouches. They seem to have a magnetic appeal! I’ve also made vests for several other animal shelters’ adoption programs around the Northwest Arkansas area. Each shelter has their own print that they like to use. Now orders are coming in from animal shelters across the country!

One of the vest made for the Fayetteville Adopt a Pet program. dogVests 002 DogVests 008
dogVests 004 DogVests 012

Your puppy or grown dog deserves a nice vest to keep it warm.

Call or contact me today for doggie vest inquiries.

We can find a pattern or color that fits your pet’s personality

… or its owner’s!