Costumes & Dresses

I’ve made clothing and costumes for several clients over the years. From Santa Claus costumes to prom night dresses, folks have come to me with their apparel needs. My first Santa suit was for my husband, almost 30 years ago. Before we had kids of our own, Steve played Santa for hundreds of little one at Wal-Mart stores in Springdale. Below are some of the items I’ve made. Click on the images to get a larger view of the garment. It will open a new window or tab.

Santa dresses up for kids of all ages.

Here’s Santa relaxing in my sewing room during a fitting.

Santa Claus Recommends Mary’s Sewing Skills!

Here is the Santa Claus suit that I made for a retired friend of ours. As you can see, he really looks the part! And that is a real beard he’s sporting.

Jerry plays Santa at various civic groups, shelters, nursing homes and children’s events at schools. He’s also worn the suit for church events.

Most of time he donates his work, especially to worthy causes.

And yes, there is a Mrs. Claus. I’ve done some detail work on her outfit as well.

They were a great couple to work with and I really appreciate what they do for the kids and adults in our community.

 Special Dresses for Prom Night!

Prom dresses for that special night!

Ready for the dance!

Prom dresses for those special ladies in your life.

Strapless prom dress

The prom is a special night in a young girl’s life. This young lady and her mom came to me with a special request. The teen wanted a specially made, custom prom dress made for her night out.

All they had was a photograph that illustrated what she wanted made. We looked around and found pattern that had the basic design and was close to what she wanted to wear.

After some alterations and a little tweaking here and there, we came up with a dress that was exactly what she wanted. She was beaming with excitement and Mom was proud too. Her little girl was growing into a beautiful young woman.

This shimmering, beautiful gown made her the Belle of the Ball; and it certainly got everyone’s attention.